Friday, March 19, 2010

Awesome Find for Organizing a Creative Space!

I {heart} Junk.
I love digging through
Thrift Stores
Yard Sales
Estate Sales
Things People Leave on the Curb

However, I did not have to dig to acquire this pretty little baby.
My wonderful, thoughtful friend Jackie stumbled upon it  
-and of course - 
she thought of moi.
Calling from her cell, she gets about half way through:

"around 3 feet tall with a bunch of drawers - "


"should I send a picture?"

"NO, Buy it! Buy it Now!"

Long story short
it's MINE!

It's a light vintage-y shade of green, and has 10 narrow drawers.
Most of the drawers have labels like elastic, bobbins, bias tape, etc. I have no idea how long the labels have been stuck there, so this weekend I'll try to soak them off and hopefully leave the paint underneath intact.
...cross your fingers...

It will go in my studio, but not sure exactly where just yet.
I already have a great organizing/storage system for most of my sewing paraphernalia, and lo' and behold, most of it involves small or narrow drawers.
What can I say? I have a thing for drawers and cubbies!

 I'm thinking this baby came into my life to hold my dies.
Or stamps.
Maybe ink?
Something definitely paper crafting related
...since I have seemingly grown out of my scrappin' armoire.

I am very aware that
I am lucky to have a friend who knows me well and has my style pegged.
I feel even luckier that her style differs from mine,
so when she comes upon something like this
she doesn't feel tempted to keep it for herself!


  1. What a great score! I'd love to have that for myself. I'd definitely be putting stamps and paper in there.

  2. Thanks! The dreawers aren't big enough for 12x12 paper, but they'd hold an 11x8.5, I'm gonna have to get my dies out and see if they'll fit... I love the file sorter make over on your blog! Might have to try that one myself!


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