Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kadences New Wenwen {karate kid} Hair Cut & How-to

Have you seen the newest Karate Kid movie? (the 2010 version with Jaden Smith)
Wenwen Han plays Meiying, the girl Dre meets in the park who plays the violin. 

We love her haircut!

is it long? is it a bob?
it's a little bit of both!
{want to know to achieve this look? keep reading}

I took Kadence down to get a trim this Sunday, and she floored me by asking for the "Karate Kid" cut.
I was unprepared for this request so I didn't have a picture on hand. The first Stylist hadn't even seen the movie, so she had no idea what we were talking we moved on...
The next stylist had not only seen the movie, but said she had a girl request it while she was in school. She kept shaking her head and saying she couldn't believe the odds of doing this cut twice.



It's actually a very simple cut. 
So if you want this cut but have a stylist who doesn't know what it is here's the low down.
Make a part across the back of your head from ear to ear. 
All the hair below that part will be left long.
All the hair above that part should be cut into an A-line bob with layering.

She loves it!

Our stylist cut Kadences hair to about her shoulders for the bob-part of the cut (which is about where the inspiration cut falls) and took about 2 inches off her length.
When we got home Kadence wanted more contrast between the 2 sections so I cut off a few more inches and gave her a chin bob. It still has an A-line, but she wanted her bangs to be longer on the right and we added some layers to the back (of the bob) as well. (I wish I had just cut the whole thing myself to begin with, at the least the part between the 2 sections would be straighter, and I would have saved the time of redoing it anyhow.) So now Kadences long hair is longer and her bob is shorter than the inspiration cut.

Then we dyed the long half red. Don't freak out on me, its only the semi-permanent.

She wears the long part in pigtails or a side pony tail, and it looks so cute! I can't wait to curl it up like Meiying does in the festival scene.


  1. Great new style. Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.


  2. I so want to get this hairstyle !!! so cute!!

  3. Ima get this haircut

  4. wow so beatu
    im lover from algeria <3


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