Monday, March 22, 2010

Romantic Ribbon & Pearl Necklace Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!

I'm celebrating Spring with a tutorial to make these lovely Ribbon & Pearl Necklaces!
And for those of you too busy with Easter preparations to make one for yourself, that's okay too,
because I'm offering my first giveaway!
Yay me!
Yay you!

Romantic Ribbon & Pearl Necklace Tutorial


  • Satin Ribbon (I used 5/8)

  • Pearl Beads

  • Beading Needle

  • Thread (I used clear)

  • Fray Check

  • Bead Board, Ruler or Mat

Gather your supplies and lay the beads out to desired length.
(I like the beads to only go to my shoulders, not around my neck)

Leaving ribbon on the spool, measure 12 inches from the raw edge.
At the 12 inch mark, secure knot and take a large stitch, about 1 inch wide, from bottom edge of ribbon to top edge of ribbon with a pearl on your thread. 
On the back side of your ribbon, slide another pearl on your thread and take a large stitch from the Top down to the Bottom.

You will be creating a zig-zag pattern with your stitches, with pearls on both sides of your ribbon.
Repeat Stitching in zig zag pattern until you have sewn on all your pearls.

Your ribbon should look like this now.

Gently pull your thread to gather up your ribbon and pearls.
Now you should see your necklace taking shape!

Secure the end with a knot.
Cut your ribbon 12 inches from the last bead. Use Fray Check to seal the ends of your ribbon and prevent fraying.

You can shorten or lengthen the ties to what ever your preference is.
You aren't limited to ribbon or pearls for these necklaces either.

As you can see, I loved making these!
The center necklace is made with a vintage french lace and soft green and cream pearls. It turned out so delicate and romantic looking!
I also made one using mocha and rose colored pearls, the effect is an elegant neutral that would go with so much.
Of course the black and white combo is stunning with it's contrast and would be perfect for an evening out!

I couldn't decide which one I liked best - so I'll let you choose!

Post a comment below and let me know which necklace is your favorite, and you'll be entered in a drawing to win the necklace of your choice!
If you mention this tutorial or giveaway in your blog - post another comment for an additional entry!
Contest will close and I will post the winner on Friday


  1. Hmm...that is a tough decision. I like the champagney looking one;but then I would wear the black the most.

    So, I guess I would say black.

    But you are right... all are gorgeous!

    Have a great week.

  2. Pretty. I like the black too. Looks fun.

  3. I absolutely love the champagne one! It's so feminine and lovely! You're amazing, so glad I stumbled upon your blog!


  4. Great tutorial! Thanks so much! I love the mocha and rose necklace!

  5. Wow girls, thanks for all the warm fuzzies! Your comments make my day!

  6. They are all really pretty - I think my favorite is the black and white one because I think that would go with the most outfits of mine. It would definitely be perfect for a night out.

  7. Sorry I missed this giveaway! How beautiful!

  8. Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

    Contact me here if you have a concern.


  9. These are beautiful, thank you for sharing. I linked to your tutorial on my blog.

  10. They are gorgeous, thanks for sharing

  11. Hi I’m watching your blogs. Your tutorial is an awesome and inspiration me and thanks for sharing this knowledge. I am very impressed from your blogs.

    Pearl necklace

  12. Lovely pearl necklace! That is awesome. Thank you for creating it and sharing with the world.


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