Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Beautiful New Addition to my Studio!

Thrift stores are funny.
People either Love them, or they Hate them.
I managed to drag my friend Tiffany into the Thrift store on base, and she is a hater.
She's not anti-junk, she just doesn't relish the thrill of digging, searching and discovery.

So we wandered around,
And there it was.
Black, old, and even under the dust you can see the shiny gold details.
Gasp! It's amazing.
She saw this bad ass machine first.
here comes the silent prayer... (you know exactly what I'm talking about)

Please don't get it. Please don't get it. 
Oh please let her walk away so I won't live the rest of my life knowing that my machine is in her home and Damn why did I stop to check for Tupperware anyways I should have been here first and now she's found this beautiful machine that would look perfect in my studio and look at that price she's going to buy it and I want it it's my precious! Arrggghhh!

So with all the restraint I could muster, I simply said
if you don't buy it I will.

So she didn't
And I did!
YAY me!

 I know, it's not in spectacular shape. It's dirty and scratched and missing pieces.
I can look past all that and see the gracefulness of it's curves, the intricate gold detailing, and the artistry of it's design.
I had to have it. It was calling my name.
The hand-wheel actually turns, and just look at the painted owl!
...besides it was only $18.
Do you think I paid too much for it?
I don't know a thing about it - year, model, Nada!
Guess I'll need to get some research done - anyone have any ideas?


  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love it. I have no idea about how much it may be worth though.

  2. Thanks Rachel, if nothing else it makes a lovely paper weight!

  3. O.M.G.!!!! You lucky girl!


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