Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good-bye Old Sewing & Crafting Studio!

This was my studio before we moved into our current  home a few months ago.

 I loved this room! It was huge, at about 14x30 feet It was by far the biggest I've worked in! (Thanks mostly to the Air Force I've sewn in 7 spaces over the last 12 years)

 It was in the basement, but I had 3 full sized windows, so there was plenty of light. Plus, there was a full bathroom and bedroom on that level. Yeah -yeah, the bedroom and bathroom belonged to my son. But he's a Junior in high school so I had visions of turning that room into a very feminine chic guest room in a few short years if we had stayed.

 After 2 years this studio was still a work in progress. I had the layout where I wanted it, and everything was organized. Mostly what was left to do was cosmetic projects. While seriously functional, I still hadn't gotten around to the prettyfied part. (my prettiest studio was McChord AFB. sigh... that was a lovely space!)

My work area for my machines:

My cutting station:

Fabric storage:

Paper scrapping & crafting area:

Kadences sewing spot (was a work in progress):

My beloved cubbies:

My new studio is about 1/3 the size. It's not the smallest studio I've worked in ( not counting a corner in the kitchen, that would be Holloman AFB!) but it's been a bit of a shock to have to down size! Tomorrow I will post on my adventures on making my new space work, but first I must say Adieux.

Good bye, old studio.
 You weren't the prettiest, and I didn't get a chance to finish you the way I would have liked - or even sew in you as much as I wanted to - but you were so functional and roomy. You were my retreat from reality and provided an outlet for my creativity. We had many wonderful times together, remember how I would sew for hours and ignore my family? Or the joy we felt when I brought home a new piece of furniture for you? There were some bad times too, but the flood was not your fault - and you couldn't help the poor wiring that left circuit breakers tripping and some plugs completely useless. I will take that over sewing in a garage any day. I will miss you my friend, especially all your spaciousness and lovely windows. When a new family moves in and turns you into a playroom or TV room, I hope you remember that once you were a fabulous space. And not just any space, but a Studio. Where Beautiful things were created. And that you were loved.

sorry for the awful pics. It was a dreary day and my last chance to photograph this room before I up-heaved it to the new place. :o)
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  1. Wow! I would love to have a craft space like that! Too bad you had to say goodbye!

  2. Aw I would be sad to leave that awesome crafting space too. Can't wait to see your new space though, hopefully it has enough room for you to enjoy being creative in :)


  3. I just re-did my craftroom. For me packing it up was a BIG job (and I just moved it out the dinning room so we could paint). I can't even imagine packing it up to move.
    Good luck! Can't wait to see the new room.



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