Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Door Adventures

What says "Welcome" more than a red door?

The door was a bland tan to begin with, so painting it wasn't a hard sell. 
In fact, it was a lot easier than I expected...

me: I want to paint our front door red, wouldn't that look awesome?
Sarge: sure
me (preparing to throw a tantrum if necessary): Really? ya know, I want to paint the inside red too.
Sarge: Might as well. If your gonna do it, do it.
me (now feeling empowered): I want to paint the kitchen door red too.
Sarge: sure
me: I want the inside red too...
Sarge: I think you should paint the family room door to the garage while you're at it.

And so with that conversation and a conveniently timed commercial for Glidden door paint we were off to buy some red paint. This paint comes in a limited pallet, with 2 reds.

Who knew? Another battle I didn't have to fight!

me: okay, which red? 
(please pick classic red... please pick classic red...)
Sarge: I like Classic Red
me: really?!
Sarge: Well yeah. If you're gonna go red, go red.

So, I went RED.

And I'm so glad I did! I am in love with my newly painted door.
It's just so shiny, and RED!

And I am so happy that I painted the inside too!

Next I'm going to tackle the french doors in the kitchen.
Though, I'm still not sure if I'll paint the family room door red yet...


  1. Yeah! Home improvement is always a fun thing! So glad to have you back. We are in Florida now.

  2. Thanks! I was wondering if you had moved on, knew your time was getting short!


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