Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days to Settle in After a Move: Buy a New Shower Head

Moving is hard work. And while we may not all be the long, soaking, bubble bath type, we do all take showers (uh, right?)

Indulging in a hot steamy shower is a great way to relax those aching muscles.
So, if your shower head looks like this:
 White Showerhead
Do yourself a favor. Go buy a better one.
Seriously, you deserve it.
After all that scrubbing, pushing, lifting, screaming and crying? Splurge a little.

And, if your house already came equipped with a hand held adjustable shower head?

Zoomed: Waxman Brushed Nickel 6-Spray Handheld Shower Massager
Well, I still think you should replace it too.
And if your wondering why??
Well, I think your naivete is sweet.
Just trust me on this one. The previous owner may not have been quite as clueless....


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