Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days to Settle in After a Move: Ensure Privacy

Seriously, if you can't walk around nekkid, how is it home?
If they aren't already there, get some blinds, shades, curtains, drapes  - what ever - up on those windows. I don't know about you, but I feel like I live in a fish bowl when there's no window covering.

We've all seen that house, you know, the one you drive by after dark. 
The windows are all wide open, every light in the house is on, and you see every detail of their lives played out before the world. 
Don't be that house.
Unless you're an exhibitionist, and even if you are - keep in mind, no one looks good all the time.
The neighbors are already curious about the "new people" as it is. Do you really want them sneaking peeks at you as they walk their dog at night?

And I'm not talking about newspaper or foil here either. You do that and your neighbors shudder. They start to worry about cars up on blocks, 4 foot weeds and property values going down. Great start, right? Don't do it.

I have neighbors behind me, who may have moved in the day before we did or could have been there for 10 years. I haven't actually met them, but I probably know more about them than I should, since they had a blanket haphazardly draped over their family room window. Because of the lay of the land, I could see straight into their home from any window in the back of my house or back yard. The Sarge and I both rejoiced when they finally put up a curtain.

But, what if you can't decide what you want in that window? Start thinking about it now. And in the meantime, throw up some blinds - they're less than 10 bucks at Walmart.


  1. It's as if you've come to my house and are taking me step-by-step through what I need to do. How did you know that most of our (open floor plan) main floor has NO window coverings? I definitely need your motivating posts. Thank you!

  2. Lol! -J, you don't happen to live behind me, do you?

  3. I really hope -J lives behind you, Leslie! That would be freaking hilarious!

    Window coverings, check. We have a window on either side of our front door that I want to cover. I'm thinking of getting some of that privacy film - they're not "normal" windows - tall and skinny - so blinds won't work.

  4. Classy Neighbors! Got to love knowing more about them than you want to.

  5. M half - I almost spit out my drink reading your comment! ...note to self, if I ever do meet backyard neighbors, don't mention blog...

    We used a film on our bedroom window to reduce the summer heat, it goes on so easy. We have a "mirror" finish, probably not what you'd want for an entryway, but there is frosted version and others that would look cool. Hmmm... what about a faux stained glass effect?

  6. LOL. I just stopped back by and read the conversation above. I'm not your backyard neighbor, b/c there's no one behind us. (Whew!) :)

    Any ideas for covering a front door that is mostly glass, like stained glass without the color (swirly clear glass with lots of lead making a design)? The top of the glass is curved, so it's not straight across...

  7. Whew!

    Hmmm...Does the glass and leading create enough distortion to provide some privacy? Or are you trying to block light?
    It sounds like a gorgeous door!


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