Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days to Settle in After a Move: Kids Rooms

While you and your husband may be able to function while digging through a suitcase for clean socks and tripping over unpacked books on your way to the bathroom, living in a state of transition is especially hard on little people.

We moved into our home at the beginning of summer, the weather was beautiful and it was easy enough to kick Kadence outside to play while I got to work making our house a home. After about the first week tho, her new friends were becoming curious about her house, her room and specifically, all her toys. You should know, new kids are more than just new people to play with - they come with all kinds of new stuff to play with as well.

Over the last few years our house has become the house where all the kids congregate, this neighborhood isn't looking to be any different. I knew I had to get Kadences room in order quickly so she'd have that space to hang out with her friends, but more than that, I knew she needed the normalcy.

I know the to-do list is long, but move the kiddlets rooms to the top if you can. I'm not saying that your kids rooms have to be completely put together and decorated - Kadences room is still a work in progress, and I'm afraid Anthony's will be done just in time for him to go off to college. Try to get their furniture placed and toys put away. Make it a space where they can have friends come in and play, without a risk of being crushed in an avalanche of toys and clothes while trying to locate a missing barbie shoe.

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