Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweetest Pioneer Dress & Bonnet

 I spent some quality time in my studio earlier this week and got some sewing accomplished! Hooray! This is a "pioneer" dress for my niece, Kat. This project was different for me in the fact that I usually start with a fabric, and it whispers to me what it wants to be. This time I knew what I had to make - but didn't have the fabric on hand, only knowing she wanted "purple". Man! I had the hardest time finding just the right fabrics for it, I scouted local quilt shops and the standard chain stores but nothing was what I had envisioned. I ended up getting these two prints online at Connecting Threads, and I am really pleased with the out come! I had never bought fabric from them before, but it is lovely and a steal at about $6 a yard.
 I'd like to say I made this dress for my niece just because I am a fabulous aunt, but I have to admit it was a trade with my sister in-law for a cuttlebug - she got a new die cutter and I justified it for her by swapping out her old one. :o) I kinda feel like I got the better end of the deal though, since the pattern was simple to put together, and I look like a fantastic Auntie!
 Well, off to get this boxed up and shipped out!

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