Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unwinding with Digi-Scrapping

Today was one of those busy days... between chores, errands, 1 husband TDY and 2 kids constantly under foot I don't think I spent one moment at rest, or even alone for that matter. I had hoped to get some big time sewing done this afternoon...welllll, the good news is I got all my cleaning done, so I have all day tomorrow to spend playing in my studio! I have a pioneer dress in the works for my niece that I really need to finish, hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow and can post some pics. It's coming out pretty sweet!
 I had planned to hit the rack much earlier tonight, but after I had the kids in bed the house was so quite I couldn't resist the urge to make something. It's amazing how just releasing a little creativity can replenish the soul, especially at the end of a day like this one. Since I wanted something quick and not messy (did I mention that I just cleaned?) I sat down and did a simple digi-layout. So, the layout above is what I came up with, thought it turned out pretty cute. (Most of these elements came from this months Scrap Girls club.)
Well, I've had my play time I'm exhausted!

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