Sunday, February 21, 2010

French Seams and French Cuisine

I'm feeling very Oh la la! lately!
Kadences Girl Scout troop had a family dining event at the very beautiful  La Caille restaurant in Sandy, UT. This place is stunning and that's in the dead of winter, I can't imagine how gorgeous it must be in late spring. The atmosphere is rich and cozy, with beautiful silver settings and candlelight. Our 5 course meal began with Escargots Bourguignons and finished with Banana Foster flambéd right at the table.
 C'est magnifique!
Kadence was willing to try the escargots until it arrived before her. She decided she could bring herself to just lick it, but not actually eat it. Her response wasn't sooo much as ewww.... as too much sympathy for the poor snail - she just couldn't do it. On the other hand, I enjoyed mine immensely, and hers too... its not like she was actually sparing its life...

As I tucked Kadence into bed I asked her what her favorite part of the evening was...
The Theme
the theme?
The Theme! You know, feeling like a princess and stuff!
oh, how everything was Fancy Nancy?
You know mom, Fancy Nancy isn't really fancy. She just puts on a whole bunch of mismatched clothes and big sunglasses when she goes out! (she's somewhat indignant at this point)
Okay. So, how everything was fancy schmancy?
I would have to agree with her. We all had a great time dressing up, trying new foods and just enjoying the magical quality of the night. Bliss...

 I'm busy making up a bunch of peasant tops, which means lots French seams.
Why french seams you ask? Don't you have a serger?
Why yes, I do have a serger - And yes, it works and yes I can thread it.
But certain times I just prefer to use a French seam to finish my seams.

For example:

  • I like to use a French seams where a hem may be visible - like on the ruffled neckline and sleeves of a peasant top.

  • When I use a narrow hem, and I hem all my pieces before construction. (If I used serging construction then the serged seam allowance would go all the way to the edge and would really be visible & ugly. )

  • For something heirloom quality

  • If I want to make a tiny baby garment - less irritating on delicate skin
  • When I want the inside of a garment to be as pretty as the outside. :o)
  • With thin, delicate fabrics where you wouldn't want raveling to occur
  • On sheer fabrics where you could see the finished edge through the fabric.

I use French seams to completely construct a peasant top, no serging at all. It might take me a little bit longer than if I constructed the garment using a serger but I feel that the end product is worth the investment in time, both for the quality and the beauty of it. 

French seams can be seem intimidating if you haven't tried them before because sewing them goes against everything you know -  wrong sides together, etc...  but once you sew one you'll be amazed at how simple it is. To help you along there is a tutorial I've made and posted below.  So give it a try, and feel fancy!
(thanks, BTW, to my trusty Cameraman and boy child, Anthony!) 


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  2. La Caille! I haven't thought about it for years. Soooo pretty! But guess what happened the one and only time I have eaten there? It was raining outside and inside. We were sitting directly under a leak in the roof.


    I've sewn French seams in my former-making-everything life. I've recently bought a new sewing machine (wore the old one out), but haven't used one. I finally put it in my office, so I'm making progress. Maybe I'll use it someday. LOL

    Did you make that cute top?

  3. Hi Ro!
    Omigoodness, what a story - I can totally see that event as a layout!!

    Time to break in that new machine! I saw on your blog you cleaned up your studio and I can see it sitting there so lonely... maybe that can be ONE thing to do sometime soon?

    And yes, I did! Thanks! :o)

  4. I'm not found of escargots even with garlic butter. I prefer Boeuf Bourguignon :)
    Very nice garments by the way.

    French course


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