Thursday, February 25, 2010

They Boil, Iron, Dry Clean

Kadence and I joined my friend Jackie for a day of shopping at Acorn Antiques at the Weber County Fairgrounds this weekend. They do this event a couple times a year, but this was my first trip!

As I searched for some unknown thing that I couldn't live with out  I came across a box of vintage buttons and dug in. (Oh, how I I love to dig!)
There I found several cards, calling my name "Leslie... we're so lonely, take us home!" 
How could I deny them? They knew my name!
On my favorites, the buttons themselves aren't so striking, but I fell in love with these cards.
One states "They Boil, Iron, Dry Clean"
Boil? Ya gotta love that!
Another has a beautiful illustration of a woman and says "the talk of the town"
(Click on the pictures for a better look!)

I also came across this thread chest. Wow, I would love to own it, but at several hundred dollars I don't think the Sarge would appreciate it the way I do. So I settled for a picture...

While I wasn't looking for anything in particular, Kadence specifically kept an eye out for a vintage perfume atomizer. We found some very glamours ones - well out of our price range - and just when things were looking quite desperate we came upon one we could take home with us. This one is plain, and not nearly as old as she would have liked, but it was affordable and actually worked. She loves it as is, but I'm thinking we could glam it up a bit our selves...

It also happened to be Jackie's Birthday this weekend. She has a thing for Pink Flamingos, and being from the south it suits her perfectly. Of course I had to make her something special, so I created a scissor fob complete with flamingo to fit her flirty personality! Isn't it cute?


  1. I saw a similar Coats Thread Case display made of wood dating back to the 1920s or so at an antique shop for $350.00. I put it on my Christmas wish list, but I am sure it will sell or my hubby will forget by then. *Sigh*

  2. That was about the asking price on this one too. Hey, if it's still there by Christmas it was meant to be and you should buy it for yourself!


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