Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding Comfort in Patterns

Okay. So after my, ahem, fitting issues... I needed to buy another copy of McCall's 5800.
Hancock's has their McCall's on sale for .99 - and that's a big deal 'cause patterns rarely go on sale for 99 cents anymore, a buck ninety-nine, sure. But a dollar? Yeah Baby!

I admit it.
 I sought comfort the the pages of the pattern catalogs, and then later, in the drawers themselves.
I came away a much happier girl, head full of ideas, heart full of bliss and a bag full of promises, eyes sparkling with the hope of a better fit...
Or maybe that was the glare of the fluorescent lighting... anyhoo...

Among the choices I made tonight,
M5717 - a trench coat - with *gasp* CUP sizing! Yay me!
It actually goes up to a D cup, but from watching the others in my group I've noticed these patterns require much less altering to fit a D+ cup than an average pattern.
Honestly, I probably wont touch this until next fall, but I don't care. I want it now.
And you understand, that's why I love you!

I had to get a jean pattern as well. I have enviously been watching the Selfish Seamstress brag blog about her amazing jeans and I oh-so-badly want a custom pair for myself! I asked Tamara a.k.a. my Fitting Goddess if we could tackle jeans eventually and she said yes - so now I'm prepared!

And lastly I picked up this simple shirt pattern.
It doesn't have the built in alterations for different cup sizes.
I don't even know if the drape-y neckline would look good on my girls.
But I love the back, view A.
And it's a knit, so that should be forgiving, right?
I'll be seeing the Fitting Goddess on Thursday, so I'll get her opinion on it.
After all, it was under a buck!
And, did I mention I really love the back?
And I also happened to buy the fabric to make it while I was shopping....

All pictures are from the McCalls website

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