Sunday, June 13, 2010

Timing is Everything!

Why is it,
that when I finally have the
and need
to sew
that my serger decides to crap out on me?


A machine always seems to work perfectly when there's
no deadline
no desire
when the repair shop is open
when the repair man is not on vacation
when you are sewing something you don't really care about and no one will ever see it anyway

I've waged this battle before, but now my serger has a new trick up it's sleeve.
as in, the timing is out.
It's causing skipped stitches and creating all kinds of havoc.
(well, I guess one of us gets to do some creating...)

I'm hoping I can get it in on Monday and get it back soon.
In the interim, I'm cutting (lots) and sewing what I can (not so much)
I'm not on a timeline
but, when I want to make something,
I want to make something!
Not make part of something and waste time waiting for my busted serger to cooperate.

timing is everything.

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