Monday, June 14, 2010

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

My local sewing guild had a day-long purse class not too long ago, and I'd like to share some of my thoughts:
  • Surprise! The not so great looking fabrics can make the cutest bags
  • No surprise, sewing in a group is fun, and if someone brings Krispy Kreme it's all the better
  • Even if everyone is making the same project, no two bags will be anything alike
  • It's okay to NOT follow the directions exactly as written, even in a "class"
  • The girl sitting nearest the teacher is going to finish first
  • The girl who finishes first is your best friend - she will help you finish next
  • A steam press is pure awesomeness, and would make a great Christmas present (hint, hint)
  • Age has nothing to do with skill level (see example below)

At the end of the day everyone did an awesome job and I would have gladly gone home with any of the bags that were made that day - but I have got to show you this picture!

This sweet chick was our youngest in attendance and she has some mad skillz!
She's freakin 11 years old.
She choose her own fabrics, and did all her own sewing.
(on a Viking that many women would kill for no less...)
Did I mention she's only 11 years old?!
I loved her purse, it was really fun, and had a funky bright yellow lining to boot.

I had the hardest time choosing my own fabrics.
Honestly, I wasn't even sure if I would even use the purse anyhow - I was really just attending for the camaraderie of it all.
I knew my handles would be a natural wood, so I wanted my fabric to have an organic feel to it. I choose a heavey woven for the outside and a cotton print for the lining and pockets.
When the class began I still wasn't real thrilled with my selections, (and whinned about it constantly)
but by the end of the day I was really diggin' it.
(it didn't hurt that everyone there kept telling me how fantabulous it turned out!)
It almost has a "straw" bag feel to it and it's perfect for summer.
(especially with a sun dress and a pair of strappy cork wedge sandals!)
I added a flower pin made mostly from the lining fabrics just to give it a little sumptin' extra,
and where everyone else either sewed the ends of the fabric handles together, or added a large ring,
I just finished the ends and tied the strap into a knot.
I think it turned out pretty cute, and I might actually use it after all!


  1. That bag looks great! And the flower you added gives it personality :)Great job !!!
    Found you at Tea Rose Home Party.Come over to my blog :)

  2. Thanks bunches, I'm gonna swing by and check you out next!

  3. Hi Leslie! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment about my first homemade dress....yah, I will NEVER pay full price for a pattern again...I've got a stock of .99 ones as I type!!! I'm lovin' the purse. My daughter decided her project to learn is going to be a purse....2 weeks ago, she got it mostly cut out...ha ha...slow and steady...that is her. You have a very creative blog, keep up the good work!


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