Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sewing Camp for Kids

I admit it.
I do not have the patience to teach my own kids to sew.
I wont even attempt it.
I'm afraid I'll get so frustrated that I'll scar them for life,
ruining any chances of ever getting them to
sit at a sewing machine
pick up a needle
or venture into a fabric store

So, even tho she has been bugging, begging and asking since she was 4 years old,
Kadence does not know how to sew.
or didn't, that is, until  last week...

Enter my wonderful friend, Tamara.
You my know her as my Fitting Goddess friend, she has many talents.
She teaches kids sewing camp over the summer, and of course I signed Kadence up for Camps I & II
She starts with the basics, as in how to turn on the machine, thread the machine, wind bobbins, etc,
and before you know it - Voila! - your little one is actually sewing!
and enjoying it!

For those of you who are brave patient enough, to try it with your kiddos, here was the basic curriculum.
For the rest of you, this is just me showing off Kadences newly acquired skills.

 First a trial run with no thread, just getting used to the feel of the foot pedal and sewing straight.
 (our machine did not like running thread-less, and the error message kept popping up to check thread and bobbin)

 Next they practiced pivoting and curves on some print outs

 How about some dot-to-dot pictures to keep it fun?
(even added thread now!)

I know you are thinking you could totally do this with your kiddos, right?

Once they've got the feel of the machine they add some layers. They sew the shape first (the sandwich is a layer of paper towels in between craft paper) then trim it with pinking shears
all the other girls made a mitten, Kadence choose a tree

Too cute!
How awesome would these be for Christmas tags/favors? Love it!!

 Now they move onto making their "soft shapes" - also  available in several shapes.
Here they were taught how to use their presser foot to space their stitching lines (like quilting)
Once again the quilt sandwich is cut out with pinking shears when done

The next project they work on is making a tote bag. A simple rectangle shape with one pocket on the front and 2 handles.

Kadence choose her own fabrics, can you tell?
Also, she was the only one to make fabric handles, everyone else choose webbing. (Brag!)

Check out her top stitching - this girl has got some mad skills for a 9 year old!

Last project of the week, 1 pair of shorts
I think this is a pretty ambitious project, with side seams, hems and an elastic casing, but all the girls pulled it off and they did everything themselves, from cutting the pattern to the hems.


and, one more shot of her amazingly straight stitching...

now, I admit, all of her stitching is not this perfect.
she is nine after all, and this is her first lesson!
But I am super proud of all she has done and how well she did it.
I'm also extremely relieved that she is walking away with not only the sewing skills, but an excitement and passion to use them.
I don't think we would have made it that far if I had tried to reach her myself,
and for that, I am
Eternally Grateful
to my friend!

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  1. That is Wonderful! Zoe was very excited to see a picture of Kadence!!


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