Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fresh Start for January

Since my last post I've been up to a lot.
like what?

well, we took Kadence on her first trip to Disneyland
My mom came up from the Land of Enchantment and visited us for a bit.
She picked up a sewing machine for Kadence while she was here too!
(that's' for another post)

 Speaking of Kadence, besides sewing,
she's learned to ride a bike

We took a trip out to my Uncles ranch in Wyoming.
That was a nice little break from reality

Anthony got baptized.
2 different religions.
(guess he wants to cover all his bases, ha!)
We discovered Anthony has an irrational, yet highly amusing fear of overgrown potatoes.
Of course we had to use this new found knowledge.
I've also
read some great - and not so great - books
Gotten a bunch of sewing done
been elected 2nd Vice President for my chapter of ASG
tried sushi
attended a women's entrepreneur conference (and won a lap top!)
attended a day-long sewing retreat
killed 3 hermit crabs (oopsie!)
and put on weight. Sigh...

So there it is, the good the bad and the ugly.


  1. So very Happy to see you back! I missed you much!

  2. Hello friend! Good to see you too, I peeked at your blog too and this years Xmas cards were stunning!


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