Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Happy Find! Vogue Pattern Cabinet

Guess what I got this week?
here's a peek...

My very own pattern cabinet!
Okay, you're right. I did make it the title of the post.
I guess I just couldn't hold it in.

One of my local Joann's is going out of business,
and I have always wanted my own cabinet so I snatched this baby up!

Thing is, I couldn't settle for just any cabinet.
I wanted the Vogue Pattern cabinet. 
The Vogue cabinets have adjustable spacing, and they perfectly accommodate my patterns which I store in manila envelopes. See? It has to be Vogue.
Luck was on my side
because when I went down to check them out most were already sold,
but this one was left.
Just for me
or so I like to think.

We brought it home this week
(I had to wait patiently until it was empty)
I've cleaned it up and loaded it down with my patterns.
It looks so awesome, I'm so happy!

I'll eventually scrub off the stickers, etc, and will probably eventually paint it
but for now I'm just thrilled to have it in my studio holding all my patterns!


  1. Oooh. I would be dangerous with a pattern cabinet just begging to be filled.

  2. Whoa! What a great find!

  3. Where did you find this cabinet???? I've been looking everywhere for this.

  4. Hey Butterscotch, I bought this at a local Joann's fabric store that was going out of business. It was disappointing to see them close - but I love my pattern cabinet! If you get wind of a fabric store closing ask right away about the pattern cabinets, they usually sell all their fixtures and the cabinets and cutting tables go fast!


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