Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days to Settle in After a Move: Family Control Center

Identify your dumping grounds and collection areas.
 It could be by the front door, on your desk or all over your kitchen counter. 

In our home it's the kitchen (a habit I'm breaking) and by the garage door.

 I got tired of shuffling papers around my counter top after we moved here - especially since there was a perfectly good area already built into our family room we could use. It's near the phone, computer and filing cabinet. This seems like a pretty obvious place to put mail, notes, papers, etc, right?? It took a while and met some resistance, but the kids are finally catching on. This is now my "Family Control Center"

However, this bowl in the kitchen is still catching some items before they make their way home...

And you've all seen the garage door solution...

See my keys hanging off the top of the lamp? 
Tacky? definitely!
But have I ever lost my keys since we moved in? Nope!

Where are your dumping grounds and how do you wrangle the mess? 

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  1. Now that's what I need - somewhere to keep track of family activities - yours looks very organized. I'm pretty good at putting things on the wall calendar but paper clutter is my nemesis. My dumping ground is my desk and every day 'clear desk' is on my 'to do' list. The trouble is, it's at the bottom so never gets done. The clear space around my keyboard is getting smaller and smaller by the day - aagh. I keep telling myself that if I clear a few papers a day it will get done but I need to learn to let go of those papers I might read someday first. I'm trying!

    Anyway I love that you've got your keys on your lamp. Whatever works! We have a key holder right by the front door but my husband still leaves his lying around the kitchen grrr!


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