Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days to Settle in After a Move: First Impressions

By now your neighbors are probably getting brave enough to "welcome" you o the neighborhood. You know they've been scoping you out since the day you moved in - c'mon, they were peeking through their blinds sizing up your furniture as the movers were unloading. And if it was a while before you got the blinds up - well, don't think they didn't notice.

First impressions, we hate to admit it - but, they're important. You may only have to live next door to these people for a year - or the rest of your lives. Either way, a teeny bit of effort can go a long way. (And let's be honest, they don't need to impress you - the pecking order is already established. Your the newbie.)

When an unexpected neighbor rings the door bell it is entirely probable that you may be:

  • sweaty
  • dirty
  • covered in paint
  • lost in a box maze
  • putting out a kitchen fire from burning frozen waffles
  • surrounded by 2 nekkid toddlers with unidentifiable goo in their hair
  • holding a baby that has been decorated by her sister with a sharpie
  • threatening to leave your husband and join the circus
  • crying inconsolably
  • ranting about said neighbors dog, kid, yard, car, lack of blinds, etc...
  • all of the above
Even sweaty, hard working mamas can look decent.
One word girlfriends:
Always keep it in your pocket, so when the door rings and you're surrounded by madness your neighbor will be so mesmerized by your shiny smile she wont even notice how unhinged you really are.

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