Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From Haunted to Stranded to Home Again

We took a little trip to Estes Park Colorado
to see the grandparents and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins too. 

We stayed in the historic Stanley Hotel

Over 100 years old, the hotel and grounds are beautifully maintained. 

Stanley, Estes Park Co

The Stanley is considered the "Most Haunted Hotel in America"
We took the History & Ghost tour, I was there for the history - the kids for the ghosts, of course!
To their disappointment, we never ran into any ghosts, but we left some candy for the "children" who haunt the 4th floor.

We also got to peek at the infamous room 217, where Stephen King stayed and was inspired to write "The Shining".

room 217

And yes. 
we did watch the Shining in anticipation of this vacation.
Mom of the year.

'redrum" on the bell tower door

The elevator was one of my favorite spots. All brass and shiny, it felt very opulent.

...and our reflections in the door made for a kinda cool and spooky picture.

We Also did some hiking at Bear Lake.

Bear Lake, Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park

It was pretty icy, but  I managed to not fall down. 
All the way. On my butt.

be Nice or Leave, Oscar Blues

One night we went to an awesome little spot called Oscar Blues for dinner.
A group of retired Marines were there celebrating Veterans day.
Dru's mom, who has never met a stranger, some how got got the Sarge into the middle of this rowdy celebration.
They kept calling him "Marine" and he kept replying "Air Force". 
Maybe they were too drunk to care, or maybe anyone with a high & tight is a Marine on Veterans Day.
Either way, I was happy, because they had chocolate cake.

One our way home we stopped in Wyoming.
Quite literally. 
On I-80 
because it was closed due to weather conditions.
After 3 hours of not moving we pulled a U-turn on the median and headed back to civilization.
because I had to pee.
really bad.
And in case you have never been there, Wyoming is prairie.
And there is no where for a grown women to pee on the prairie.
Especially when stranded on the highway, surrounded by Semi's.

The kids endured the extension on our vacation by spending all their time in the pool.
It's a hard knock life.

Now I guess we all have to get back to reality. The kids have a ton of make-up work and I have a General Meeting for ASG on Friday I need to prepare for! I have my ugly fabric challenge ready to go (more on that soon!), but I need to get to work on the favors/door prizes.


  1. How I love Estes Park and Oscar Blue's! We've hiked Bear Lake so many times, I can't even count. Sounds like you had a good time, even with the challenges. Wyoming is a prairie. A windy one. Eek.

  2. awesome! I would have LOVED to stay at the haunted hotel - for the ghosts! I stayed at a "haunted hotel" in Glasgow once, attached to a hospital... it was very creepy!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

    Leanne @ because (i think) i can

  3. M half - how cool, it really is a small world! my in-laws live in Estes Park so I've visited many times, but never been to Oscar Blues before that night. I got a giant burrito stuffed with brisket, it. was. amazing.

    Leanne - that does sound extremely creepy! Yikes!


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