Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Conversation About My Studio & Giveaway!

I need some help. Some input. Lets have a conversation about my studio.

This is our living room. It currently serves as a catch all for random extra furniture and that's about it. 

When we were house hunting, I insisted we find a home with a room large enough to be my studio. I didn't want to use a living room if it meant walking straight into that room from the front door. Like this:

Call me crazy, I just have this "thing" about my studio being the first room you see when you enter my home, and I don't want guests to have to walk through it to access the rest of the place.

 I have yet to see a home in Utah that doesn't have that front room, and we passed up several good homes because this room was the the only option for my studio. In short, I was throwing tantrums. Massive tantrums.

Then we found this house, and I thought it could work.
Sure, there are plenty of reasons we got this home, but I had my eye on the basement - it was the largest we had found in a Tri-level home yet.

Now that everything is somewhat settled downstairs and have done some sewing I've decided.
I hate it.
I don't even want to go down there.
I can't even really explain why.
...maybe it's because I'm cut off down there, or it's so tight, or the lack of view...

So, I've been thinking about this for about a week or so.
What if I moved the studio... upstairs...into the living room?

Ya know, the room you walk directly into when you enter my home, the one guests have to walk through to access the rest of the place. The one I insisted I could never, ever, use as a studio.

So I had slick take measurements for me and draw-up a floor plan to see if it was even feasible.
And now I'm thinking I can totally do this... 

Next step, getting approval from the hubs:
Me: would you hate me if I said I wanted to move my studio into the living room?
Sarge: no.
Me: would it look weird in that room?
Sarge: yes.
Me: would that bother you?
Sarge: not as long as you kept it picked up
Me: okay. so I can do this?
Sarge: is this going to cost me?
Me: well, I want these things from Ikea...
Sarge: wait a couple months before you buy more stuff.
Me: okay, so can I do this?
Sarge: just don't ask me to help. I'm sick of moving.
Me: what if me and Anthony do it.
Sarge: just don't take forever, I don't want stuff everywhere. 

Some random thoughts:
  • The rooms are similar in dimensions (one is directly above the other) But I'll have to do some major downsizing to make it look presentable. 
  • I am capable of keeping it presentable, I've written an eBook Organize That Sewing Space!
  • The round chair would stay, and I'm cool with that because it's my chair and I love it.
  • I'd have to suffer with the bookcases I currently have until I get what I really want
  • the pattern cabinet would be prominent, and it's ugly. I'd like to paint it, but couldn't until weather improves next spring...
  • My teenage son is thrilled with the prospect of the couch & TV cabinet moving downstairs - he has visions of his own "man cave"
  • The furniture is heavy, and there are 2 (short) sets of stairs to haul it up and down
  • This room has the best lighting in the house
  • I want it to feel more office than sewing room at first glance.
Here are some of my Pinspirations:

and this one does not use the Ikea Expedit, but I love the "built in" look

So what do you think?
Would it look totally weird?
Is it weird that I care?
Should I move upstairs, or suck it up and stay in the basement?
I don't know what to do, I'm torn.

I am giving away a copy of my ebook Organize That Sewing Space
which retails for  $9.95 at

If you would like to win this just help a girl out and leave me a comment with your opinion about my studio situation!
Entries accepted through Saturday, 12/10
winner announced Sunday 12/11


  1. I think you should put your studio where you'll use it. It sounds like it's important to you and if you hate being in the basement, then you should move up.

    Personally, if I enter a home and go through someone's craft room, I think it's interesting. It gives all kinds of ideas for conversation. Not that I'm creative at all. I'm not, but I like other people's crafts. ;-)

  2. I agree - you should put your studio where you and your family is happy. If you are not happy in the basement then move it to where you are, as long as "Sarge" agrees. There is nothing worse than an unhappy hubby - LOL! Right now I am living with my craft/sewing room being in the guest room walk in closet - not exactly my idea of an ideal situation, but it's the only place in the house that I have so I will make it work somehow.

    If you can live with other people seeing your space than go for it!

  3. move it on up girl. You can make it look wonderful. Store the not so pretty stuff out of view, put all the lovlies out, so when you walk in it is all beautiful!

  4. I think you need to put it where you will use it and have good light (i'm also picky about having good natural light, and i just can't think in bad light!) Some people like to have there own space down in the basement away from everybody there own quiet spot. But i really love your idea! and i love the pictures you came up with especially the 2nd one! You should go for it worse case you can just change it back sometime ;)

  5. I don't see any reason not to move your studio, but please don't promise ANYONE that you'll keep it cleaned up! Working studios always look messy in some people's eyes. If your family members are going to constantly harp on the studio's less-than-perfectly arranged look, you will be frustrated and unhappy. Those of us with studios would be delighted to walk into your front room studio just to see what's happening there and we wouldn't pay any attention to how "pretty" the place looks or not!

  6. Oh how I wish I had studio of my own.

  7. So, where in Utah are you? I am about an hour north of Salt Lake.


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