Friday, June 18, 2010

Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Summer

This afternoon I took Slick to the airport. He's flying out for the summer.
Even though he's a big guy now, 15, I still had a hard time letting him go.
I had a hard time letting him pack.
That's a lie.
I didn't let him pack.
I did it for him.
Which really irritated him and ensued proclamations of
"I'm not a baby!
Why won't you let me do this"
etc, etc...
To which I poured on the guilt
"Why can't you just let me do this for you?
can't I just mother you before you leave me for the whole summer
Can't you just let it go for me?
Come on, just make your mother happy"

I win.

I love my son tremendously...
he's a good kid...
and I will miss him...

But he is a teenager
and oh man, am I going to enjoy this summer!

Technically, Summer starts on the 21st, but for me it starts as soon as his plane lands safely in California. Happy Summer everyone!

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