Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days to Settle in After a Move: Throw a Party & GIVEAWAY!

Celebrate your new home, show it off and enjoy it with some friends and family.

 Throw yourself a little party.
Whether it's a house-warming gathering, a Tupperware party, a kids birthday event or just girlfriends over for brunch.
Party like a Rock Star!
Hell, you deserve a shin-dig just for following along for the last 31 days!
And what's a party with out party favors?
Just a little token to help you make something to dress up your new (or not) nest:
a $10 gift certificate to!

Mandatory Entry:
Leave a comment letting me know which 31 Days to Settle in After a Move post is your favorite and why!
{Winner must be a Cherry Bubbins follower.}

Giveaway will be closed and winner will be chosen by random number on Monday, November 7, 2011.

Thanks for joining me on this quest to Settle in, if you've missed any posts from the series you can find them below. 

31 Days to Settle in After a Move: Intro
{Day 1} Color me Mine
{Day 2} Carpet
{Day 3} Unpack
{Day 4} Ensure Privacy
{Day 5} Cleaning...or not...
{Day 6} Restock Your Kitchen
{Day 7} Don't Rush to Hang Pictures
{Day 8} New Purchases & Repurposing
{Day 9} Kids Rooms
{Day 10} Create Your Oasis
{Day 11} Buy a New Shower Head
{Day 12} Break in the Kitchen
{Day 13} Re-Establish Routine
{Day 14} Break in the Bedroom
{Day 15} Paint Your Front Door
{Day 16} First Impressions
{Day 17} Do You Smell That?
{Day 18} Beautify Your Walls
{Day 19} Family Cards
{Day 20} Accept the Imperfections
{Day 21} Make New Memories
{Day 22} Get Involved
{Day 23} You've Got Mail
{Day 24} Family Control Center
{Day 25} Live in the Moment
{Day 26} Settle Into Your Closet
{Day 27} Brighten Your Outlook
{Day 28} Pick Your Battles
{Day 29} Be Selfish
{Day 30} Get a Pool
{Day 31}This Post - Throw a Party


  1. My favorite post was - "Make New Memories" because I understand the importance of this post - my husband and I have moved so many times I have lost count and in each place you have to "make it yours" and the only way to do that is to let go of the past and embrace the now. Sometimes you just have to be reminded - in fact, we moved again about a year ago and have not really settled - maybe because we haven't let go of the past (this move was not our idea but because of family issues). WE just need to make our new memories and let the past go. Thanks Leslie for reminding me what I need to do!
    Carol from

  2. I would have to say Day 31 Throw a Party because the moving and unpacking is all over. I have moved maybe 5 times and once its all unpacked you are ready to make it your HOME>
    Connie H.

  3. My favorite is definitely the repurposing one. Each time we move something old gets used in a new way! There's a couple of the 31 day posts that I need to go back and re-read--so much good stuff in them!


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